Welcome to the home of Country Coaster Delopments! C.C.D. is dedicated to RCT2-RCT3D and building Knex coasters. C.C.D. will also do some reviews of real coaster that we ride.

CCD news. .:LAST UP DATED: 5-1-06:.

5 - 1 - 06
Ok, I am about 30% done with the new version. Some pages haven't been updated, so they wont work rite, sorry! If thing continue to go smoothly I should have the rest of the site done in a couple of weeks!
- C.C.D.

3 - 18 - 06
Well, sorry for not working C.C.D. for like 5 months, but don't worry. I'm going to make is up by making C.C.D. Version 2.5! One of the biggest updates will be all videos on C.C.D. will be iPod compatible! I am also going to re organize things for easy access! So keep checking back to see some of the updates!
- C.C.D.

10 - 5 - 05
Oh boy! Well, I'm sorry, I have been getting back to school and also taking Diver's Ed. So that is why I haven't updated the site in a while. Well, I have great news! Once again Coastercrazy10 has built another awesome coaster! Well, Inclination has come! Thank you for another awesome coaster!
- C.C.D.

8 - 1 - 05
Ok, just when I thought I had the time to work on C.C.D., life decides that I don't. Well, at least I have found some time to work on it here and there. Now I know it isn't HUGE, but it is a new coaster! Yes, you herd me. Kingda Ka is the newest coaster in the Recreation Coasters page. Well, I have things I have to do. Till next time, later.
- C.C.D.

7 - 15 - 05
Well, version 2 of CCD is now open! Yes, I know there are a lot of pages that are down, or still look like version 1 of C.C.D.! I will be working on them, but for now this is what you get. With the new look comes some great stuff! Yes that is a new poll on the right side and there is a new coaster! Rush is the latest coaster from Coasterguy! You can fined Rush under custom coasters! I hope to have it fully operational by the end of July! Well, enough said about this, I am going to get back to work!
- C.C.D.

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